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Yamaha YBR 125:(125cc):(7.5Kw):(0.07Kw/Kg)

Suitable for:

• 16 Year old + with a category "A1" learner permit.

• Beginners

• Insurance Assessments (Cat A1)

• Pre-Test (Cat A1)

• A1 Licence Test / Hire



Kawasaki ER5 (500cc)

Suitable for:

• 18 Years Old +, with a category "A" Learner Permit

• Pre-Test / Test hire (Cat A2)

• Insurance Assessments (Cat A2)

• Intermediate / Back-to-Biking (Cat A2)



Suzuki 600N:(599cc):(57Kw):(0.26 Kw/Kg)

Suitable for:

• 24 Years Old +, with a Category A Learner Permit (Direct Access)

• 20 Years Old, progressive access to Cat A

• Pre-Test / Test hire (Cat A)

• Insurance Assessments (Cat A)

• Advanced Training (Full Licence Required)

Bike Hire for Test

If you need to hire a bike for a driving test, it is recommended that you consider Tralee Test centre, as this cuts down on cost / travel time etc.

It is also recommended that you get your pre-test training done early, as test waiting times have been considerably reduced.

**Please note - School bikes can only be hired for test provided the student has received a minimum of 4 hours instruction at the School and in the opinion of the instructor is properly prepared to undergo the test. This is a "term of condition" outlined in the School's Insurance Policy.