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Liberty Insurance have introduced a rider skills assessment which could save you money on your motorcycle insurance as well as improve your rider skills. Generous discounts are given and vary by the level you achieve in your assessment.

The Liberty Insurance rider skills initiative is not a test but is an assessment of the different skills required to ride a motorcycle safely.

Training is not compulsory but it is strongly recommended and is likely to help you achieve a better level in your assessment.


From April 2005 AON and AXA have devised a Skills Training and Assessment program that will be administered by Instructors affiliated to recognised Training Organisations. The Program’s objectives are simple: to improve the skills of riders and to consequently reward them through premium discounts.

It caters for all skill levels from the person purchasing a motorcycle for the first time to the very expert rider.

The skills program is a scored assessment that measures the skills of a rider. Depending on the level of skill demonstrated, a rider can achieve premium reductions of up to 33%.

The Skills Assessment and Training Program may be undertaken with any recognised Motorcycle Instructor on the list on our website www.aon.ie

Of course while Training is not compulsory, it is greatly encouraged. Apart from the premium benefit we feel that participation in the programme will teach the rider skills that we believe will ultimately save lives and prevent serious injury.

Below is a list of available discounts. If successful on the Aon/Axa assessment programme a Grade 2,3 or 4 will be awarded.