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This course is proving to be very popular at the school.

Whether you have passed your test or wish to enhance your skills, consideration should be given to this course.

Perhaps you have never received formal training or instruction. The current driving test takes place in daylight, in an urban environment mostly within the 50 km and 60 km speed zones.

You may have moved onto a larger more powerful machine.

You may never have driven on fast sections of national roadways, dual carriageways, twisty rural roads, at night or in the rain. You may never have ridden with a passenger or learned to corner and overtake safely.

This course will help you deal with all of the above, thus advancing your skills level and riding techniques, to make you a safer and more confident rider.

If at the end of this course you have attained the required standard, you will be issued with an Insurance Assessment Report - free of charge if you require one. This assessment will entitle you to a discount on your insurance renewal with either Aon Bikecare or Liberty Insurance. See Insurance Assessments for full details.